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Свадебный зал PETRO-TUR – свадьбы, приемы, конференции

PETRO-TUR Banquet Hall – weddings, parties, conferences

Looking for an attractive wedding hall in the vicinity of Radzyń Podlaski, Międzyrzec Podlaski or Łuków? Interested in professional service, efficient organisation and lasting memories? PETRO-TUR Wedding Hall will surely deliver what you expect!

We are located at the main route Radzyń – Międzyrzec, 9 km from Radzyń Podlaski and 84 km from Lublin. Our complex can clearly be seen from the street, so your guests will have no problem in finding their way to the party.

The large, air-conditioned hall easily holds 250 guests, a music band, the country table and, of course, a dancing space. Its décor is adapted each time to satisfy the expectations and taste of the bride and groom, with whom we regularly arrange all the details such as flowers, decorations, table order, etc. We also provide help in choosing and preparing the wedding menu, with a rich assortment of traditional Polish dishes served by our restaurant. We want the day to be really special and memorable for the newlyweds, their families and guests, so we are open to any requests and suggestions.

In PETRO-TUR Wedding Hall we also organise other special occasion parties (christenings, first communions, etc.), as well as conferences and training courses.

Our guests have at their disposal a spacious, monitored car park and over 130 lodgings in our motel.

You are most welcome!